Our mission is to play a role in helping reconcile human conflict, cultivating a mature perspective of realizing each other as ourselves, by going deep within our own heart.


We do so through an unrelenting commitment to recognize and love our enemies (Matthew 5:44) as ourselves. We recognize this commitment as the eternal Golden Rule.


The work is based on the premise that the conflict we experience with others is a reflection of the conflict within us. To reconcile conflict, we must commit to seeing through the veil of separation that exists with others, notably our enemies.

This is as Christ expresses, reflected in all wisdom traditions across contexts, cultures, and beliefs. We believe a commitment to this reflects the highest transcendent wisdom.

Our measure of love for God|Good is reflected by our love for the least and worst of our brethren. We love without naivety, but also without condition.


Perspective Depth is meant to be a resource for those who desire to reconcile their conflicts through a steadfast commitment to the Golden Rule. They are ready to confront, with God|Good as an anchor, the conflict within themselves.


Our work doesn't seek to directly treat trauma, nor do we approach trauma as an illness, nor do we try to distinguish source and victim. We can refer you to our partners if these might be what you're looking for.

Our work specifically focuses on recognizing the trauma of our enemy within us, as well as how to process and express the (sometimes shocking) results.

We hope to shift our perception of pain from a source of suffering to a source of wisdom -- the wisdom that we as humans are not separate from each other. As Buddha teaches, we hope to use our sensations to cultivate bhavana-maya panna – insight derived from our direct, felt experience.

This wisdom results simply in our ability to love more deeply, which is at the bedrock of true conflict reconciliation.


There are three facets to our work:

1) Integrative Journalism --This is the primary thrust of Perspective Depth. Through dialog with those who've gone through conflict, we map out and integrate their experiences with those of (seemingly) different perspectives.

2) Membership – Our membership program provides a number of online offerings to help you work through your conflicts, including email, chat, case-study walkthroughs, and extra content.

3) Sessions – We provide Perspective Mapping consulting sessions and training workshops, helping you, your organization, and your community, work through conflict in your life and work.


There’s no facet of our society that isn’t touched by conflict.

Misunderstandings, sabotage, betrayal, gaslighting, prejudice... violence, war, hatred, revenge, oppression, and trauma... there's much ugliness in our world.


By focusing our attention inwards through meditation|prayer, we become aware of a Deeper Truth.

This Truth is the source of unconditional joy, love, bliss, clarity, and unity. And this Truth allows us to reconcile our conflicts from within.


As our relationship with enmity shifts on the inside, our relationship with our enemies shifts on the outside. The principle of "love your enemies" inevitably makes increasing, intuitive sense.

It might seem counter-instinctual. However, this commitment reflects the wisdom to truly work through through conflict in our world, and in our lives.


Our human conflicts put in jeopardy the survival of our human species. To make it through the next couple of decades, we need to learn to tune-in, within.

This work requires utmost courage and persistence to see through the darkest areas of our collective psyche. But we can do it, together.

I look forward to connecting.


Ranjeeth Thunga - Perspective Mapper
Shresta Rakesh - Marketing
Zahid Rabbi - Web Dev't


Feroz Qureshi - Web Development
Surya Vamsi - Marketing

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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