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Four Levels of Conflict (#ins6)

Oct 26, 2021

(Article by Ranjeeth Thunga)
(Photo by Jonathan Harrison / Unsplash)

When we think of conflict, an image of confrontation might pop into our minds.

This could be a vision of a husband shouting at their wife, a mother beating their children, a manager sabotaging their employee's work, or protestors causing mayhem on the streets.

It could also be disgruntled citizens stonewalling political campaigns, disenfranchised groups launching national protests, or even criminals, police, or soldiers taking lives.

So which of these pictures offers the most all-encompassing depiction of human conflict?

They all do. Conflict exists along many, many dimensions. It's essential to keep in mind that conflict is never just one thing. Conflict manifests in a large diversity of ways in our lives.

For us to understand conflict, it can be helpful to break conflict down into levels. Four are below:

  1. Internal Conflict – Conflict of perspectives within our mind. This could involve dealing with overloaded work demands, managing pulls in different directions, or handling loss in our lives.
  2. Interpersonal Conflict – Conflict of perspectives between others and us. This could be relating to the different lifestyles of our partner, engaging the diverse personalities of our friends, or adjusting our communication styles with family who might not understand us.
  3. Group Conflict – Conflict of perspectives within our group. This could involve debating interpretations of scripture within our church, discussing a strategy that everyone on our team is to be on board with, and setting up a cohesive platform for our political party.
  4. Societal Conflict – Conflict of perspectives between worldviews, religions, political parties, and leaders. This could be campaigning against an opposing political party, conducting dialog between egocentric world leaders and their regimes, and engaging in Common Ground dialog with those of differing faiths.

While there are many levels of conflict in our lives, we ultimately find that conflict is sourced within our own emotions. The thesis of Perspective Depth is tackling the conflict from within. Conflict, at whatever level and in whatever manifestation on the outside, ultimately lives within us.

Let's acknowledge the diversity of conflict in our lives, all the while ensuring we're looking within through the entire process for genuine reconciliation.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

Perspective Depth is here to help you reconcile the conflict in your life through our website, our free/paid membership programs, and client sessions and workshops. If we can help, do get in touch with us through or call +1.973.679.4564.

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