Reconcile Your Conflict from Within



Perspective Depth’s work is based on the premise that the conflict we experience with others reflects the disconnect we experience in our own hearts.

This is true on all levels, from the personal to the global.

There’s literally no facet of our society that isn’t touched by conflict. Misunderstandings, sabotage, betrayal of trust, plugged ears, diverted subject, vested interests, judgments, pretense, gaslighting. Violence, war, hatred, revenge, oppression, trauma.

It's an ugly world.

Yet all conflict has same, universal solace.

By tuning inwards, being aware of what we're feeling, through self-reflection and meditation, we can start to uncover the real locus of control within.

And as we shift on the inside, the world starts to shift on the outside.

Our work is guided by two Eternal Truths: 1) Love God|Good with all our heart and 2) Love our enemies as ourselves.

Our human conflicts literally put in jeopardy the very survival of our planet. To make it to the next level, we need to look inside.

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Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper