Weekly Schedule

For the first half of 2022, our Free Members will have access to offerings reserved for our Premium Members. And our Premium Members will have bonus access to us for any conflict-related challenges.

Some offerings require an RSVP. Please do so by emailing info@perspectivedepth.org.



Each Monday at 12:30pm Pacific Time, we will be offering one free 70-minute Perspective Mapping session for an individual or organization. Everyone invited. Held via Zoom, details below. We request (but do not require) to share with others.


We will be posting content on our site on this day, as well as our newsletter.


Send us an email regarding your conflict and we will get back with you, typically Tuesday, with feedback. We also send out quizzes, games, surveys and newsletters on this day.

Also, Wednesday at 12:30pm Pacific Time, we are available for Group Chat, where we have discussion on any conflicts that you might be experiencing. Zoom details below. Will be post a recording online for members.


Each Thursday at 12:30pm Pacific Time, we have an Interactive Case-Study on Zoom, where we go through a conflict situation in our lives, work, or society. Zoom details below. We will post a recording online.

Once again, you can email info@perspectivedepth.org to get more information or to RSVP.

Zoom information below:

Meeting ID: 455 665 7178
Passcode:  pdepth2021
Waiting Room
Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/4556657178?pwd=MUxYVisxTUg4WVpDaklRSzBYb3JQdz09

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