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There’s no part of our life unaffected by conflict. This manifests in our world as ugly competition, misunderstanding, abuse, trauma, prejudice, marginalization, violence and war.

Viable solutions to human conflict continue to baffle us. Answers don't seem to be out there, so we resort to judgment and blaming. But after banging our head against the wall, perhaps for much of our life, we realize this doesn't get us very far.

We're missing something fundamental as a human species. What we find is that we  can only find the answers by looking within.


As of 2021, our world is ill-equipped to handle its conflicts  Conflict is all around,  projected from every side, and felt acutely within our hearts.

Our ability to process conflict is dependent on the maturity of our perspectives. And its clear we desperately need to evolve.

Upgrading our perspectives of life is of highest urgency. And this process starts by working through the judgments harbored within each one of us.

Our organizaton and website was formed to help encourage this process.


In addition to what's on our site, we offer free membership which provides access to extra content. We also provide premium membership with interaction and guidance, including live monthly sessions.


By being a member, you have access to interactive 360 Perspective Workshops to help you and your group(s) reconcile the conflicts you are experiencing.


Perspective” is our unique vantage point to life. It is the theme of my life work for over a decade.

Depth” indicates that when we look deep within, we find ourselves not separate from our adversaries, and not separate from the Source of creation itself.

I call myself a “Perspective Mapper“, as my chosen role is to help organize our diverse viewpoints and find harmony within.


Perspective Depth is a 2021 restructuring of over a decade of previous work, with a decided focus on tackling conflict from within.

Its roots come primarily from the Perspective Mapper project, sprouted in 2013, seeded in 2009. The theme has throughout been social, research, contemplation, and missionary work, helping us cultivate a broader perspective by helping us map out our full self. Many past articles are archived on


Though I've explored inner conflict for half my life, I consider myself no more than a student of the subject – that designation will not change in this lifetime. I think maintaining a student perspective is essential when dealing with issues of human conflict in particular.

If we've truly figured human conflict out, we wouldn't be in the state we're in.

You can visit my personal site to learn more about me and my own perspective (


Get in touch! Signal Messaging is my preferred means. You can also SMS or call +1.973.679.4564, email at, or find me by name on FB Messenger.

I look forward to talking soon.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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