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My relationship with God (#ins10)

Insights Dec 10, 2021

For many on this planet, God is a belief or a concept to bow down and follow.

For others, including myself, God is primarily experienced -- an experience of a Higher Truth within us that resides at the deepest level of our being. God is that higher guide, entity, intelligence, power, and/or perfect energy.

God is the perfection within us.

Finding God in our lives is the ultimate question to answer, and the ultimate answer to our suffering. But while posed so simply, the process of tuning in itself is not so simple. It's a lifetime (or lifetimes) process.

Two motivations have compelled me to seek out and connect to God.

First, an intense curiosity in understanding a Deeper Truth to it all -- i.e., there must be more to existence than simply what I can see, taste, touch, smell, or hear.

The second is suffering -- the suffering that comes from not finding real satisfaction in anything of this world.

In both cases, it's a yearning for (or one could say knowing of) something more to existence.

I felt my first vivid experience of God was during my meditation course 20 years ago... a glimpse of a deeper Truth within my own sensations. This was a little crack that demonstrated higher-order principles at play in me.

Over the years (and decades), that crack has just gotten wider and wider. While it hasn't yet gushed open, at this rate, it will sooner or later... and I hope to even more fully realize God.

My current relationship with God is honed through meditation, or continuous remembrance. When I'm aware of my breath, I'm aware of God. Simple as that. Through this practice, the experience of God becomes more and more vivid.

I don't have a dogmatic view of God, nor do I feel God is restricted to one belief system. God ultimately exists beyond belief or conception...accessible in different names, ways, and formats.

Also, I believe the word "God" is not important. Different cultures and traditions have different names and systems around God... some don't even use a word for God. It's all Good, as I see it.

I hope I could share several facets of God from my perspective. Ultimately, I truly believe God (or Good) is core in all conflict work. Without this Core, there is no reconciliation possible. If you would like more information on tuning in, please get in touch.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

My Relationship with God


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