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Owning What We Feel (#ins8)

Emotions Nov 24, 2021

Essential in reconciling conflict is being in touch with and fully owning what we're feeling on the inside.

When we abstract our resolutions, policies, and actions from the pain and trauma within us, we end up making decisions out-of-line with our very humanity. But when we give space to feel, we're tapping into the heart of conflict, addressing the real turmoil inside our Soul.

So we must take a pause – many, many pauses (i.e., via prayer, meditation, or stillness) -- and sincerely acknowledge what's going on within.

To aid in the process, we can find avenues in our life to support us and to give us a safe space to acknowledge what we are feeling.  This could be through self-expression, such as journaling, music, or art. Or this could be through sharing our experiences with mature friends, family, or colleagues.

But find a way to own our feelings we must. If conflict is simply a clash of concepts, theories, or ideas, we never end up grasping the actual, visceral, experiential significance of our conflict, and never discover a path to the other side.

It's not easy to face, but if we can help you, please get in touch with us. Our organization exists for this reason alone.

All the best in owning yourself.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper


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