If you're feeling conflict in your life, and you feel we can help, please do place yourselves in one of the four categories below.

The requirement is you are trying to commit to:

1) Loving Good|God with all your heart.
2) Loving your enemy|adversary as yourself.

And that you participate in a monthly/quarterly check-in. :)


I. General Public

  • Main Site Content

II. General Membership - no cost

(above) +

  • Extra Site Content
  • Newsletter - Monthly
  • Special Perspective Growth series

III. Premium Membership - $20 / month

(above) +

If your conflict is acute, and you connect with this work, the premium membership is honestly a very good deal. :)

Introductory price for 2021. Switch to free, or cancel, anytime. Money-back guarantee.

* Customized Options - $xx / month

(above) +

We can also provide a customized package for you or your org. Our mindshare is focused is on the membership plans above, but if you really do connect with this work, we can try to help you further.

Custom packages can include:

  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Your Group Session
  • Engaging Your Group or Community
  • Reseach into Conflict Scenario
  • Bulk registrations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Field Work
  • "Perspective Mapping Classic" (ask about it :))

If these additional options can help, email us at or call us directly at +1.973.679.4564. We'd be happy to explore an arrangement.

Note: We ask you sign up for the premium membership first, in order to get a taste of this work.