Are you, your group, or your community suffering from conflicts? Our Perspective Mapper Sessions can help. Our sessions provide deliberate space and active engagement to help you restructure conflict in your life and work.


  • In-Person Sessions
  • Remote Sessions
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Bulk Signups
  • Public Speaking
  • Research Work
  • Direct/Field Work


Each 70-minute session generally follows these five recursive steps:

  1. Commitment
  2. Presentation
  3. Meditation | Prayer
  4. Perspective Mapping (individual & group)
  5. Restructuring

If held back-to-back, we have a 20-minute break in between.

We can never know exactly what will come up. It is a discovery process. That said, reconciliation will happen, so long as we stay the course.  


Our work applies in various areas, including conflicts in lifestyle, home, work, school, religious, legal, social, political, and military environments.

A prerequisite is that each person is committed to the Golden Rule and its inherent Truth. If you or your group isn't voluntarily committed to this (or at least curious), then we wouldn't be the right fit.

The work is simple in concept. Mastery however is a lifetime process, arising from our ability to stay emotionally grounded while surfacing deeper issues and traumas.


Our 2021 intro cost is $20/participant/session (minimum $100 total/session).


Each person or group will receive a free Premium Membership to Perspective Depth for the entire duration of the relationship.


NOTE: Payments are handled through Stripe, though we can make alternate arrangements.


The work of conflict reconciliation is essential in our world. We’ve advanced so much as a planet, but we require far greater maturity in this regard as a human species.

I ask you to give conflict reconciliation from within a real, deserved priority in your life and work. We're here to support you along the way.

If you feel aligned and needing of help, email us at or call us directly at +1.973.679.4564. We're very happy to work with you.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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