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Massive Shifts the Next Few Years (#ins5)

Oct 11, 2021

The next 10-24 years arguably entail the most profound shifts in our collective consciousness since the dawn of humanity – some call this a prelude to Singularity.

The exponential rate of development of new technology, along with the clash of all our worldviews from across cultures, traditions, and societies, puts us in a position where we are confronted with a breadth of conflict we've never faced before.

The challenge in reconciling the conflicts that come with rapid shifts in our lives and society, along with the difficulty of processing conflicts introduced by so many differing perspectives, can be truly daunting.

There seem to be two possible outcomes: 1) We will be able to reconcile our human conflicts and ascend as a species OR 2) We won't be able to reconcile our human conflicts and self-destruct.

If we are working towards the former, we must ask ourselves how we can actually reconcile the conflicts these coming years will bring?

We might find that reconciliation requires us to tune into a place within us that can accommodate different points of view and accept change – a meditation process that allows us to be with what is and make space for what is thrown at us.

This inner tuning is what it takes, and ultimately our anchor, solace, and compass for the coming days -- if we seek to survive.

My Brief Talk on Singularity

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

* Get in touch if we can help reconcile your conflicts.

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