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1 - Love God|Good with all our heart.
2 - Love our Enemies as Ourselves.


  • Spiritually-Informed – This project is founded on insights derived through meditation|prayer on Higher Truth.
  • Trauma-Informed - This project focuses on wisdom derived from shared trauma, more than intelligence derived from scholarship. (past article I wrote).
  • Integrally-Informed - This project looks to assemble insights gained from diverse, conflicting viewpoints.

  • Collective over Individual - This project is focused on mapping out the broader picture we all as human beings share.
  • Sharing - Mature perspectives are meant to be exchanged with each other.
  • Common Milestones - It’s about helping make the world a more mature place, not about achieving individual achievements. We fully support other initiatives that promote the same core ideals.

  • Own our Felt Experience - Our duty is to own our felt experience, first and foremost.
  • Simple - These principles have to be simple and accessible to anyone. If it’s not, we’ve gone off-track.
  • Eternal Truths - The wisdom that forms the basis of this work is universal and eternal.

  • Self-Sustaining - As much as possible, this work should be independently sustainable. We aren't seeking debt funding or equity investors, but are open to joint ventures, donations, resources, and of course, goodwill.
  • Self-Effacing - This org is about tuning into the Source within, not building its own identity.
  • Non-Proprietary - The work is not dependent on proprietary technology, information, education, or privilege.
  • Finite Lifespan - When conflicts are reconciled, enmity is no longer separates us, and we have cultivated love at the depths of our hearts, this organization need no longer exist.
  • Measurement "Lite" - The depth of our perspective can never truly be quantified. Data and metrics play a limited role, in this work.