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Own and Respect

Our interface with this world is found when we truly own our own perspective, while respecting other points-of-view.

Healthy Conflict

A healthy perspective is cultivated by letting go of judgments and prejudices that arise in conflict.


A mature perspective is meant to be shared and expressed, sensitive to those around us.

Common Milestones

It’s not about who gets recognition, but that we do the inner work.


The substance and depth of our perspective can never be measured.

Compete with Ourselves

We compete against our self. Competition with others cannot coexist with conflict reconciliation.


As much as possible, this org is independently sustainable. Not seeking equity investors. But are open to joint ventures, donations, grants, resources, support and goodwill.


This org is about tuning into the Source within, not building, promoting, or glorifying itself.


The work is not dependent on proprietary technology, information, education, or privilege.


This work has to be simple and accessible to anyone. If it’s not, we’re off-track.

Finite Lifespan

When conflicts are reconciled, we hope to end projects, or end operations, knowing we’ve played our part.