Welcome to Perspective Depth, 2021! (#org1)

Org Apr 27, 2021

Ranjeeth Thunga here, welcome to PerspectiveDepth.org. Welcome to this new site and the first blog article of this new site!

This company was formed in early 2021. However, I’ve been at the work of mapping out perspectives for well over a decade, in different forms and projects. I gathered some of my earlier content at Legacy.PerspectiveDepth.org.

2021 is off to a wild start, just like 2020, indicating, as I see it, the start of shift in our Consciousness. However, the conflicts that we have with one another are unaddressed. In fact, many of us are even worse off than ever.

Simply put, the maturity with which we handle conflicts is missing. We’re not yet getting it.

The singular purpose of this site is to help us reconcile conflicts, with the approach of reconciling conflicts from within – starting with the conflicts in us.

Our work is based on two commitments:

  • Love God|Good with all our heart and mind.
  • Love our enemy|adversary as ourselves.

These principles are not new — they are Eternal Commitments, at the cornerstone of wisdom traditions throughout time, across the planet. However, we can't be reminded enough.

This work has two sides: a journalistic side, which is exchanging insights through this website, and a consulting side, which involves directly working with you and your group to reconcile conflicts within you.

We hope to live in a world where each of us can own our perspective, respect other points of view, while gradually evolving and expressing our journey with others.

Please sign up for a membership to our site at no-cost, and (coming soon) paid membership for more interaction.

I look forward to working with you!

Intro to launch of PerspetiveDepth.org, new site and blog for 2021

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper


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