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Who to Include in Your XMas Prayers? (#ins12)

prayer Dec 25, 2021

On the glorious holiday remembering the birth of Christ, let us bring into our prayers those who Christ asked us to include.

Who might they be? :) It be each human being, including the least of our brethren (see Matthew 25:40-45). And for those of us who might not look at the Bible for reference, it still applies. This is a universal directive.

Let's keep a check on who we are praying for, making sure we are including EVERYONE.

  • Pray for the soldiers, veterans, widows, orphans, parents who suffered from war, AND those on the other side of war.
  • Pray for those who suffered violent, heinous acts AND those who commit violent, heinous acts.
  • Pray for the politicians we support and believe in AND the politicians we don't support and don't believe in.
  • Pray for those with powerful voices we see and hear AND those with obscure voices we don't see and hear.
  • Pray for victims of trauma and abuse day in, day out, AND those who consciously or unconsciously perpetuate abuse day in, day out.

There is not a single human being on our planet that isn't deserving of our prayers, no matter how low, depraved, or undeserving we may feel about them. None of us are separate from one another.

This holiday should remind us that beyond who we think makes sense to pray for is a large swath of humanity we might forget to include as well.

If you're having trouble including someone in your prayers, we can help. Get in touch with us, call, join our website as a member, and we'll be in touch!

Merry Christmas to you!

Ranjeeth Thunga‌
‌Perspective Mapper


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